Thirteenth anniversary celebration Tokyo Deli established and developed in 2020

Tokyo Deli is a weekend destination not to be missed for those who love Japanese cuisine or want to experience Japanese cuisine. The menu here is very diverse with more than 200 dishes prepared by leading Japanese experts.

Tokyo Deli

Tokyo Deli is a familiar destination for many Vietnamese diners. The attraction of the restaurant is the guarantee of taste, full-service Japanese style, friendly space, especially food here that always ensures the suit with Vietnamese taste.

Japanese style attracts Vietnamese people

Japanese cuisine can be said to be extremely unique and diverse, Japanese dishes oriented to the natural nature combined with the unique art of processing in the world. A delicious and eye-catching dish must be a combination of clean ingredients and skillful hands of a chef. At the Tokyo Deli all these standards are fully met.

Deli is very focused on health

Besides sophisticated sophistication, Japanese cuisine always focuses on health protection factors. A delicious and attractive dish must be beneficial for human health. Surely you all know that Japanese life expectancy is usually very high. The secret is that Eating less meat, lots of vegetables and fish, not using a lot of spices, not eating too stimulating taste is also a very effective way of keeping health of the Japanese.

Tokyo Deli has strictly applied advanced management methods according to ISO, HACCP, 5S and KAIZEN standards throughout from input materials to processing and serving processes, as well as supported by the system. The production and supply system of ingredients worldwide, that's why the quality of the food here is always guaranteed very well.

Diverse menu

The menu at Tokyo Deli is extremely rich. With a menu of more than 200 dishes, carefully selected from Japanese culinary experts, and carefully researched and processed to ensure the taste is suitable for Vietnamese. Whether you are a connoisseur or not a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine, when you come to Tokyo Deli, you will love it because the dish is always kept intact from taste to processing steps.

At Tokyo Deli, in addition to Sashimi and Sushi which are two traditional Japanese dishes that are loved by the majority of those who have enjoyed Japanese food, the menu is also rich with many choices for first-time customers Japanese cuisine.